Sunday, January 21, 2018
One of the most surprising items found in Tom Brady’s house during an interview with New York Times magazine was a menorah.
There has been for some time a persisting stereotype of the un-athletic and weak Jew.
The Atlanta Hawks may be priming for the NBA Finals, but that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have time for a history break.
Goodman’s created the Zone 190—a basketball training tool that allows players to practice a wide range of skills without the presence of a partner.
What basketball team wouldn't want a visit from a pageant winner?
Just in time for the Olympics, Israel’s Holocaust trust has published an online tribute to Jewish athletes who perished in the Holocaust.
Last night’s Olympic gold medal for an American ice dancing duo brought one more honor for the Jewish contingent.
This year’s Olympic games were an inspiration for the IDF Nahal Brigade, which recently competed in a marathon on its training base in Israel.
Not only are the Olympics taking place in a country that criminalizes homosexuality, but figure skaters are now doing Holocaust routines?
The Sochi games are hardly the first to spark controversy over the character of the host government.


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