Wednesday, June 20, 2018
The soccer star, considered by some among the best players of all time, recently affiliated with an evangelical political party in Brazil.
Rosen became the first Jewish first-round pick since Harris Barton was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1989.
Two ESPN radio shows suggested the top prospect out of UCLA would rather play in New York, as "people gravitate to people like them."
Casspi, who has played for five other NBA teams, has not played in recent games due to an ankle injury.
The 23-year-old infielder won World Series and World Baseball Classic titles last year. He also has a foundation for autistic kids.
“In soccer there are different rules and there is one language without prejudice and without wars,” Maor Buzaglo wrote on Twitter and Facebook.
The gold medalist also sued USA Gymnastics for alleged negligence that she said facilitated Larry Nassar's access to victims.
It is the first berth in the national tournament for Modern Orthodoxy's flagship university.
Following his victory in the Rio Open, Schwartzman becomes first Jewish player to reach the top 20 since American Brad Gilbert in 1990.
The Colorado native made it to the podium in the halfpipe event with her teammate Chloe Kim, the gold medalist.


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