Monday, June 26, 2017
The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam brings to life the history books.
A new budget Israeli airline has made a viral sensation after releasing a hilarious safety video online.
Tel Aviv is no less than a world-renowned architectural gem, one that architecture students worldwide dream of visiting.
The Passover pilgrimage to Six Flags, which some years is open exclusively to visitors from the Orthodox Union’s National Conference of Synagogue Youth.
Magen David Square is perhaps the most interesting square in Tel Aviv.
Israel will ask the United States government to encourage American Airlines to keep its Philadelphia-Tel Aviv flight route.
Twenty-seven American tourists have become the first such group to tour Israel outfitted with high-tech equipment including Google Glass.
London’s Heathrow Airport are considering implementing more stringent security protocols similar to those employed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.
Israeli camels get fitted with safety equipment to stop accidents.
The Lower East Side is now filled with lots of hipsters, restaurants and bars. But some young people don’t know it is also filled with Jewish history.


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