Friday, August 18, 2017
A new budget Israeli airline has made a viral sensation after releasing a hilarious safety video online.
Israel will ask the United States government to encourage American Airlines to keep its Philadelphia-Tel Aviv flight route.
Tel Aviv is no less than a world-renowned architectural gem, one that architecture students worldwide dream of visiting.
The Lower East Side is now filled with lots of hipsters, restaurants and bars. But some young people don’t know it is also filled with Jewish history.
Budget airline Ryanair will be launching flights to Israel's southern tourist city Eilat, starting in the coming winter.
Jews can trace their history in Prague all the way back to 970 CE.
Twenty-seven American tourists have become the first such group to tour Israel outfitted with high-tech equipment including Google Glass.
Chicago is a diverse and colorful city, painted and characterized by the immigrants who made it what it is today.
Most of the fun attractions in Eilat are right near the hotels and popular beaches.
The popular Internet travel site TripAdvisor has ranked Jerusalem fourth on its list of its 2013 Travelers’ Choice Awards for Destinations on the Rise.


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