Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Magen David Square is perhaps the most interesting square in Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv has been rated at one of the top 10 seaside cities in the world.
Israel and the European Union are widening their open skies agreement, in a bid to promote sharing of airspace over the Mediterranean Sea basin.
A new budget Israeli airline has made a viral sensation after releasing a hilarious safety video online.
Most of the fun attractions in Eilat are right near the hotels and popular beaches.
Chicago is a diverse and colorful city, painted and characterized by the immigrants who made it what it is today.
Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park (also known as Park HaYarkon) is an almost 1000-acre expanse of lawns, gardens, sports facilities, concert venues and lakes.
The New Synagogue in Berlin connects the past with the present. The synagogue, opened in 1866, was built to serve the growing Jewish population in Berlin.
The Lower East Side is now filled with lots of hipsters, restaurants and bars. But some young people don’t know it is also filled with Jewish history.
Tel Aviv is home to a thriving art scene and lively nightlife options, but it is the boutique hotels that can make your stay truly memorable.


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