Monday, October 22, 2018
Israeli camels get fitted with safety equipment to stop accidents.
Magen David Square is perhaps the most interesting square in Tel Aviv.
An estimated 2 million Christian tourists are expected to visit Bethlehem by the end of 2013.
Famous, rich and powerful people want to pray, too. Scroll through to see a few of the places where they do just that.
Ten Jewish women from Havana, Cuba, arrived in Israel on Tuesday as part of what organizers called an unprecedented nine-day visit.
The Dept of Transportation sent a letter notifying Kuwait Airways that it violated anti-discrimination law when it refused to sell a ticket to an Israeli.
International travelers often wind up a handful of leftover foreign coins from their travel and no easy way to exchange them for their home currency.
The New Synagogue in Berlin connects the past with the present. The synagogue, opened in 1866, was built to serve the growing Jewish population in Berlin.
Tourism in Israel in the past year has made a reported comeback from a downward spiral during and shortly after Operation Protective Edge last Summer.
Israel will ask the United States government to encourage American Airlines to keep its Philadelphia-Tel Aviv flight route.


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