Wednesday, May 20, 2020
As millions mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, this year’s Iranian government-sponsored Holocaust cartoon contest is not the first of its kind.
Amnesty International—known for criticism of Israel—condemned Palestinian attacks on Israelis, saying the attacks 'displayed clear contempt for human life.'
Yad Vashem paid tribute to the start of a new school year this week, sharing some rare photos of Holocaust-era children likewise taking to the classroom.
It’s not every day you have to try to hunt down Nazis for your homework, but students at the University of New Haven are doing just that.
CHAG SAMEACH FROM JSPACE! For your Passover Seder, we've prepared a free, traditional Hebrew/English/Transliterated haggadah. Download Here.
Think you're familiar with Habima Square? The Tel Aviv hotspot known as a cultural hub for the Jewish state just got a whole lot cooler.
Congressman Jerrold Nadler has joined the chorus of voices demanding the return of Jewish archives to Iraqi Jews and their descendants.
The Jewish Agency and Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption issued revised figures for aliyah from North America for 2013.
Jspace sat down with JScreen to learn more about the organization and the impact genetic testing can have on a family.


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