Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein said he was singled out as a Jew of color in the Orthodox community in Monsey, New York.
The Brookline restaurateur was charged last month with child rape of a 12-year-old he knew.
In a series of videos, the Vermont Independent drops the nuance in blaming Israel for the violence at the border.
The Republicans' far-right problem, meanwhile, fizzled but did not disappear.
About one-third of the opponents from a public school in Westport, Conn., is Jewish.
If convicted on the most serious charges, the former movie mogul could be sentenced to prison for between five and 25 years.
Advocates of the bill say marriage involving minors is an abusive practice, but Agudah seeks flexibility for older teens.
Democrats say they should have been invited. Republicans say they were, and anyway, could have just shown up.
On the same day, Barr mockingly referred to Chelsea Clinton as "Chelsea Soros Clinton," referencing the liberal Hungarian-Jewish billionaire George Soros.
Underscoring the arguments for and against the legislation: It's dangerous when the government attempts to define dangerous thought.


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