Friday, February 23, 2018
The president also told a meeting of conservatives that he moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem despite intense pressure from opponents.
Wayne LaPierre, speaking at a conservative conference, accused deep-pocketed gun control proponents of planning to "eliminate all our freedoms."
The college-aged children of Rep. Ted Deutch are organizing the Bake Action Against Gun Violence initiative.
One student called on Sen. Marco Rubio to turn down campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association; the Republican lawmaker demurred.
Israel as an example in controlling guns and enhancing security came up several times during the White House session.
The Jewish teacher was killed while protecting students in his classroom at Stoneman Douglas High School.
'We must carry Meadow’s love forward and not let it die in a pine wood box,' said rabbi Bradd Boxman, calling on mourners to do an act of kindness in her memory.
A leader of the Republic of Florida group, who told the ADL that Nikolas Cruz was an associate, says it was a "misunderstanding."
Scott Israel is Broward County's first Jewish sheriff; it's an identity he has embraced.
On Wednesday, Nikolas Cruz killed at least 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


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