Friday, April 27, 2018
A leader of the Republic of Florida group, who told the ADL that Nikolas Cruz was an associate, says it was a "misunderstanding."
The number of synagogues that have switched to a voluntary dues model has doubled since 2015.
A Israeli teenager who also has American citizenship was arrested on suspicion of carrying out more than 100 bomb threats on Jewish institutions in the United States.
Hackers briefly targeted casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands company website in an attack directed at Adelson’s pro-Israel views.
The former Navy SEAL admitted to having an affair with his accuser but denied her claim that he had threatened to publish compromising photographs of her.
Adoption of Iron Dome by the U.S. Army would mean increasing the support for sustaining the missile defense system.
The ethics committee's reprimand of Bob Hertzberg followed allegations of unwanted touching by three women and a man.
The suit says two other girls told JCC staff members that the employee had sexually harassed them.
Gloria Steinem and Daniel Kahneman were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today.
The FBI Hate Crime Statistics Act report, for the second year in a row, documented a decrease in the number of reported hate crimes in the United States.


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