Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Cecile Richards claims in her new book that Kushner and Ivanka Trump made the push to be seen as "savvy deal makers."
The teacher was removed from her classroom when the district launched an investigation into the podcast she hosted under a pseudonym.
The president named his White House physician to the post.
Ben Frisch, a teacher at Friends Seminary, was fired for saying “Heil Hitler!” while raising his arm to illustrate what in basic geometry is known as an obtuse angle.
Jewish teenagers from as far afield as California, Colorado and Minnesota attended the Washington protest against gun violence.
Sen. Chuck Schumer said the solicitor general's opposition to the Supreme Court reviewing the suit is a move against a "well-decided verdict."
Even though Mississippi is far from any hostile state or militant group, its officials are thirsty for Israeli defense technology.
"It could have just as easily happened at our school," said a student in West Orange, New Jersey.
The new pick for secretary of state is on board with President Trump on Israel, Iran and taking shots at minorities. Russia? Not so much.
Fox News retracted the story for which it is being sued.


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