Saturday, February 17, 2018
Holocaust denier Arthur Jones is the only Republican candidate in a safely Democratic district.
Since Weiss started in May, her articles about topics including sexual assault and anti-Semitism on the left have been widely read and debated.
Last year's fall semester saw 147 recorded incidents -- a 250 percent leap from the corresponding period in 2016.
The president also called again for the Iran nuclear deal to be amended.
Bea Slater appears in ads proclaiming that the dating site is "Powered by Yentas."
Samuel Woodward “was as anti-Semitic as you can get,” a source told ProPublica.
Native son Phil Basser had a rags-to-riches story before gaining fame for his longtime love of the Eagles.
When he was a small town mayor, Lou Barletta agreed to an interview with a publication known for Holocaust denial.
Jennifer Mendelsohn is using hard data to back up the idea that America is a nation of immigrants.
Three boys accused Shmuel Krawatsky of touching them inappropriately at camp in 2015, though he denies any wrongdoing.


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