Friday, April 3, 2020
An 8-year-old boy who inspired a rabbinical cancer awareness campaign has died.
'We are deeply disturbed by this horrific assault, shocked that it occurred in a neighborhood where Jews largely don't fear being singled out for violence.'
Avis refused to supply him with a vehicle, with a worker saying that it was 'company policy' not to accept Israeli drivers licenses.
The ADL received a $100,000 donation to advance work fighting racism and hatred in the aftermath of the attack on the historic AME Church in Charleston.
'We must continue to fight this threat against democracy and pluralism with all of the tools available.'
World leaders reacted with a variety of talking points this week on the nuclear deal with Iran.
The US has appointed a special envoy to support Holocaust survivors, Vice President Joe Biden announced this week.
The White House chief of staff referred to an Israeli 'occupation' today in comments to a left-leaning Jewish organization.
On April 3, the words 'F--- Jews' were discovered spray-painted in the lobby of the apartment building largely occupied by Jewish tenants.
Pork is officially off the menu at U.S. federal prisons.


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