Sunday, August 25, 2019
Former President Jimmy Carter is being criticized for comments suggesting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict helped motivate the terrorist attacks in Paris.
ADL will redirect funds contributed by Trump over the years – about $56,000 – to fund new anti-bias and anti-bullying education programs across America.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent condolences to the families of the three people killed by a gunman at two Jewish facilities in a suburb of Kansas City, Kan.
A conservative commentator recently penned an extensive op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, urging the US to preemptively strike Iran.
Netanyahu offered condolences after an attack that left four Marines dead, as reports indicate the shooter may have been inspired by radical Islam.
The suspension of a Palestinian group has thrust Northeastern University into a debate on what constitutes free speech and what crosses into anti-Semitism.
Harvey Milk will grace an upcoming commemorative forever stamp set for release next month.
Eric Cantor used his experience visiting Auschwitz as a springboard for a warning against the dangers of isolationism.
French basketball star Tony Parker is taking flak for a neo-Nazi salute, just days after a fellow French athlete made waves over the same gesture.
Congress has tripled the amount of defense aid it will provide to Israel.


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