Friday, August 14, 2020
An apparent anti-Semitic attack at took place at Camp Karlin Stolin, a Jewish summer camp in Highland, New York.
Newsweek is set to cease publication of its annual “Top 50 Rabbis” ranking.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to the White House next month for a sit down with President Barack Obama.
The Supreme Court shot down a federal statute that permitted American citizens born in Jerusalem to list Israel as a place of birth on their passport.
US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro says Israelis are welcome in the United States, and plans to make the visa process easier to prove that statement.
Miami-area Jews are on edge after Muslim women entered one local synagogue twice as well as two others asking questions about the congregations.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is on the verge of receiving an invite to the White House.
American nonprofits donated more than $220 million to Israeli West Bank settlements from 2009 to 2013, according to a Haaretz investigation.
A New York Times editor called out anti-Semitism among Trump supporters on Twitter, and was flooded with anti-Semitism by Trump supporters on Twitter.
Joseph Paul Franklin was executed this morning for murder of Gerald Gordon.
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