Saturday, April 21, 2018
Jonathan Pollard will be released in November, ending years of campaigning by both Israeli diplomats and Jewish-American advocates.
Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is taking heat today for Holocaust comments that accused President Obama of leading Israel to the 'oven door.'
A gunman who killed two schoolteachers and wounded nine last night at a Louisiana movie theater reportedly had a history of mental illness and aggression.
Several thousand people descended on Times Square to protest the new Iran agreement.
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Wednesday commended the Department of Justice for bringing federal hate crime charges against Dylann Storm Roof.
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter arrived in Israel on Sunday, less than a week after America and the other P5+1 nations reached a nuclear deal with Iran.
ADL called on Congress to reject if they don't get answers to questions that would 'decrease the likelihood Iran will become a nuclear weapons state.'
Netanyahu offered condolences after an attack that left four Marines dead, as reports indicate the shooter may have been inspired by radical Islam.
President Obama has reportedly offered to increase U.S. military aid to Israel amid the Jewish state's opposition to the recently reached Iran nuclear deal.
An apparent anti-Semitic attack at took place at Camp Karlin Stolin, a Jewish summer camp in Highland, New York.


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