Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent condolences to the families of the three people killed by a gunman at two Jewish facilities in a suburb of Kansas City, Kan.
The suspect in the deadly shooting attack on two Jewish targets in Kansas yesterday was identified as a prominent white supremacist.
A fatal shooting took place this afternoon at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas, just a day before the local Jewish community was set to observe Passover.
Alan Gross ended his hunger strike after a week at the request of his elderly mother.
Alan Gross has launched a hunger strike in a bid to secure his release from a Cuban prison.
Opening next fall, The Shefa School in New York City is a Jewish day school with a twist.
The World Memory Project has over 1.2 million records on victims of the Holocaust from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archives.
Harvey Milk will grace an upcoming commemorative forever stamp set for release next month.
This week, 73 North American rabbis will be missing something when they go to Shabbat services: their hair.
Dozens of Congress members have signed on to a bipartisan letter calling for the creation of a fund to aid needy Holocaust survivors.


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