Thursday, May 24, 2018
Obama called Israel a 'Jewish state' and outlined ideas for further talks with Palestine and Iran, in his annual State of the Union address last evening.
Newly elected NY Mayor Bill de Blasio made some pro-Zionist comments last week at a private dinner hosted by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
The White House has officially appointed a special envoy to support Holocaust survivors, weeks after the US announced its intent to do so.
Israel’s outgoing ambassador to the US is set to take a post with CNN.
US funds to Israel have been placed back at pre-sequester levels as part of a proposed budget set to go to the Senate.
A leading American language association is taking heat this week after it approved a resolution condemning Israel.
Two past American envoys to Israel are now backing the campaign calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard.
“Mein Kampf” was one of the best selling e-books of 2013.
An Israeli rifle is making waves in the US, being recognized as the Golden Bullseye Award winner for 2014.
Israel is the sixth favorite nation among Americans, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.


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