Sunday, May 27, 2018
World leaders reacted with a variety of talking points this week on the nuclear deal with Iran.
The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill that would enhance America’s commitment to Israel’s military.
The US responded today to comments from the supreme leader of Iran, who called Israelis “rabid dogs” this week.
Tinder CEO Jake Bronstein’s newest Kickstarter project met its $25,000 goal in a mere 10 hours.
Jonathan Pollard, the convicted American spy for Israel, began his 29th year behind bars today.
A former US Army reporter donated transcripts of radio coverage of the Nuremberg trials to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Brandeis University has cut its historic ties to a popular Palestinian college, after Al Quds University hosted an anti-Zionist, neo-Nazi style rally.
Joseph Paul Franklin was executed this morning for murder of Gerald Gordon.
Hillary Clinton presented Elie and Marion Wiesel the Theodor Herzl Award last evening.
Gloria Steinem and Daniel Kahneman were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today.


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