Sunday, January 21, 2018
Tamar Morali, 21, over the weekend won the title of Miss Internet, which qualifies her to compete against about 20 other women who have won in other categories to become Miss Germany.
The fashion studio of Elie Saab deleted from Instagram the picture in which the Israeli actress wore one of brand's dresses and was described as "flawless."
An outbreak of the disease in the African nation has killed more than 60 since September.
19 special flights from North America brought 377 families with 677 children, and an additional 1,677 singles.
The move may have mixed consequences for Israel advocates on British campuses, some of which face criticism for censoring pro-Israel speakers.
"Not all the world’s countries agree that all 197 states are real countries (for example the State of Israel or North Korea)," said Youpi magazine.
From a little girl with a big heart to an unlikely animal friendship, these are some of the most uplifting articles JTA published this year.
Kosher cheese, wine and olive oil are all newly available in a region with approximately 50 Jews.
The pope condemned the Holocaust and the medical experiments conducted by Nazi doctors on Jewish concentration camp inmates in an introduction to a new book.
The assailant shouted "God is great" in Arabic before the attack at a popular market in Libreville.


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