Saturday, February 29, 2020
Harper Collins’ apologized for omitting Israel from its Collins Middle East Atlas, and pledged to remove the item from sale and destroy any remaining stock.
Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian U.N. Ambassador, compared Palestinian terrorists to Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.
Shanghai is looking to ensure the area where Jewish refugees were sheltered in WWII becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
An Israeli official has reportedly criticized the U.S. for allowing Iran to buy air craft that violated international sanctions.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly not attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela tomorrow.
Israeli officials and agricultural companies attended a conference to explore trade and investment opportunity in Ghana.
A 92-year-old survivor of seven concentration camps participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything question-and-answer session, detailing his liberation story.
Ice cream lovers in India are putting their favorite treat in a cone named after Adolf Hitler.
An Israeli athlete was denied a visa to Indonesia for a match, in what the World Jewish Congress decried as unfair mixing of sports and politics.
Iranian state television ran a program Friday depicting the Islamic republic bombing several Israeli sites.


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