Thursday, August 22, 2019
ADL expressed condolences following the tragedy in Mina, after a stampede took the lives of more than 700 people in attendance for the Islamic pilgrimage.
Russia says there has been no date set yet for the delivery of the advanced S-300 missile defense system to Iran.
Iran hosted a Holocaust drawing exhibit over the weekend, aimed at diminishing and sometimes denying altogether the historical existence of the Shoah.
Russian officials have approved a motion that would make Holocaust denial illegal.
The chief rabbi of Iran, Rabbi Yosef Hamadani Cohen, died over the weekend and was buried in Iran on Sunday.
Iran supreme leader released a video questioning the authenticity of the Holocaust the same day the world observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
A Jewish publisher is funding the rescue of 2,000 Syrian and Iraqi Christians being threatened by ISIS, to thank those who helped him escape the Nazis.
Google has removed from its Android app store a cell phone application built by Hamas.
Facebook and Twitter have been shutting down Hamas pages after months of criticism that the networks were enabling incitement to violence against Israelis.
ADL expressed disappointment at a statement by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon which appeared to justify the wave of Palestinian terror as 'human nature.'


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