Tuesday, December 11, 2018
The Vatican has requested it be removed from a Palestinian-prepared United Nations resolution calling for the flag of 'Palestine' to be flown at the UN.
Bibi Netanyahu told Jewish leaders that the alternative to the Iran nuclear deal is 'still no deal or a better deal—not war.'
Israeli President Shimon Peres was honored with a special peace prize this morning at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
The Jewish community of Paraguay inaugurated a new Jewish museum which includes the country’s first Holocaust studies center.
A new mobile app allows users to reach out to members of Congress to demand lawmakers halt the flow of $150 billion in sanctions relief to Iran.
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews announced it is sending $650,000 in emergency aid to help displaced Jews in Ukrainian cities under siege
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews launched a lobbying campaign to rally Christians across the U.S. to urge Congress to nix the Iran deal.
Two unidentified men assaulted a rabbi in Kiev in a suspected anti-Semitic attack.
A former US Army Staff Sergeant who lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan is heading to Israel as a volunteer for the IDF.
Netanyahu put out commentary on the US-brokered nuclear deal with Iran, accusing the Islamic republic of grasping the Middle East with 'terror and blood.'


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