Monday, August 21, 2017
"It was stupid of me, the encapsulation of such a complex issue in a single sentence," Kevin Myers said of an article depicting Jews as hard bargainers.
The Waverly Council said a court's decision was based on a congregation's own failure to address security risks.
A Jewish umbrella group said the ruling "sets a very dangerous precedent."
At least half of those who converted last month claim Jewish ancestry.
News reports say the country's Jewish community condemned Israel for installing metal detectors at the Temple Mount. But are there any Jews left in the mostly Muslim republic?
Alexander Lapshin, who writes a Russian-language travel blog called “Life Adventures,” was found guilty of illegally entering the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.
Per Jewish custom, the royal couple placed stones at the camp's memorial to its more than 60,000 victims.
In Budapest, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Viktor Orban "reassured me" about his zero tolerance toward anti-Semitism in the aftermath of a government campaign against George Soros.
A clause allows the multi-billion-dollar deal to be canceled if the investigation finds that the deal came about due to bribery or corruption.
Officials backtracked after an uproar from Jewish groups and Israeli diplomats.


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