Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Alberto Nisman was found dead just hours before he was to present evidence to Argentine lawmakers that the government covered up Iran’s role in the bombing of the AMIA Jewish center.
The new establishments reference their past function in a development that some find touching and others condemn as disrespectful.
The two lists of 17 names published on Twitter with a reference to assassination were purely humoristic, a spokesman for AL Kanz said.
The scroll was discovered among 1,000 bullets in the basement of a slum in the Brazilian capital.
Confirmation that Israel's contested capital is on the itinerary came two months after the initial announcement of the trip.
What was going on in the Soviet Union that led to the proliferation of Jewish names among Russia's oligarch class? And why are so many of them linked to Donald Trump?
The parody of "Toy" featured claims that Israel "hunt Palestinians" and numerous allusions to money.
Amid an outcry over her remarks, photos emerged of Evequoz wearing a Nazi armband while working as an erotic dancer.
Ilan Buchman and Oscar Shub stood under a huppah five months after same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia.
After the refugees on the MS St. Louis were returned to Europe, about one-quarter of those on board died in the Holocaust.


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