Wednesday, October 18, 2017
The move is designed to provide clarity for the prosecution of related crimes.
They enjoy less freedom but more stability and security than in some of the region’s chaotic democracies — but there are fears, too.
Hassan Rouhani recalled Bible-era Iranian gestures of friendship to the Jews but was less gracious about present-day overtures.
Engineers have been sent to local synagogues to make sure that they can safely accommodate Rosh Hashanah services, according to ZAKA.
The protest against Shlomo Amar underlined growing divisions among French Jews.
Doctors sent by the Israeli NGO are treating the injured and others are distributing food in the hardest-hit communities.
Dozens of members of the Nordic Resistance Movement marched through Gothenburg on Sunday reportedly using the event to build support for its Sept. 30 march, whose route will take it near the city’s main synagogue on Judaism’s holiest day.
The team of investigators plans to present the report to the lead prosecutor.
The blast, in which several people were injured, is believed to have been a terrorist attack carried out with a home-made bomb at rush hour.
The 17th-century Portuguese Synagogue becomes even more breathtaking when candlelit for services.


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