Wednesday, December 13, 2017
The 2016 figures showed a 56 percent decline over the past five years.
The event attended by Jews and non-Jews highlighted the importance of religious tolerance in the city, the mayor said.
It is the first time in a decade that the U.S. is offering rewards for Hezballah operatives under its counterterrorism rewards program.
A Jewish leader said the government "acknowledged the error and agreed to correct it immediately.”
“I can tell you it was easily one of the most difficult and lonely periods of my life,” Caroline Marcus wrote of her situation.
The increase comes amid complications in Russia's economical relations with other partners, including the European Union and Turkey.
Israel is the only power that backed the referendum, which passed with 92 percent of the vote.
Israel fears the Palestinians will issue warrants for its military and political officials while gaining access to sensitive information.
Renegotiating is a "dead end," they agreed, but added the Trump administration has succeeded in changing the climate on Iran.
A member of the PFLP group, which Brussels has banned over terrorism, Khaled hijacked two planes nearly 50 years ago is an advocate of violent attacks on Israelis today.


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