Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The Communist mayor of Gennevilliers had intended the gesture to force the national government to follow his lead.
The visit comes amid tension over a controversial new law criminalizing claims that the Polish nation or state was responsible for Nazi crimes.
Some of Belgium's most senior doctors also supported the legislation, which Jewish groups staunchly oppose.
In August, two men were arrested in Australia for attempting to place an explosive device on a flight from Sydney.
The Lukov March, which celebrates the Bulgarian alliance with Nazi Germany, took place despite a municipal ban which was overturned by a court.
The annual Catholic tradition of Carnaval, which coincides with the Jewish holiday, is an alcohol-infused reminder and perhaps a precursor of Israel's Adloyada processions.
The bill being prepared in Warsaw follows an earlier ban on ritual slaughter and a diplomatic row between Israel and Poland on legislation criminalizing claims that Poland was responsible for Nazi crimes.
The Daily Telegraph prompted criticism for accusing the Jewish billionaire of "backing a secret plot" by funding lobbies opposed to the United Kingdom leaving the EU.
Demonstrators at the Polish Embassy told personal stories of suffering caused by the Poles.
Countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia have also been accused of whitewashing the past. But they haven't received the widespread condemnation that Poland has.


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