Thursday, February 22, 2018
Jewish groups are speaking out against reports of anti-Semitic flyering in Ukraine.
The world’s largest seder was saved at the last minute by a rush shipment, and the help of hundreds of volunteers.
Among the citizens of Shanghai, there remains today a small, tightknit Jewish community.
The Jewish community of Kaifeng, China will host its first official seder in centuries.
Like many young people, Olivia Kessler wasn't aware of malaria’s devastating global death toll.
Russian officials have approved a motion that would make Holocaust denial illegal.
Millions of Chileans were informed of an approaching tsunami last week by mass notification technology developed by an Israeli startup--eVigilo.
The chief rabbi of Iran, Rabbi Yosef Hamadani Cohen, died over the weekend and was buried in Iran on Sunday.
A television news anchor on a state-owned Russian television network said the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.
Saudi Arabia has denied a visa to a Jewish journalist intent on traveling to the region to cover a visit by President Obama.


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