A sea captain is traveling late at night when he sees the lights of another vessel in the near distance.

“Please move your ship,” commands the captain, “I’m headed in your direction.”

To the captain’s dismay, the lights remain stationary.

“I order you to move,” he repeats with urgency, “I’m coming right at you!”

“But captain,” responds a voice from the darkness, “I cannot move–I’m a lighthouse!”

As we journey through life we often find ourselves faced with seemingly indomitable barriers. Where do we turn to from here?

The answer lies in the challenges themselves, for more often than not these ostensible obstacles turn out to be not hurdles, but little lighthouses, illuminating our path and guiding us to the most precious discoveries.

Indeed, the things which appear to stand in our way can actually be a source of great inspiration to us.

This message is especially appropriate as we bid farewell to the holiday of Passover this week.

There are moments when one may view Passover–and the preparation that precedes it–as a burden, as eight long, tedious days interrupting our busy lives. But let’s not mistake a lighthouse for a ship; Passover is truly a beacon of light for the rest of the year!

How can we make this concept a reality? By reliving the beauty of Passover at every opportunity.

So when you sit together with your children later on during the year, recall those special “Mah Nishtana” moments and take pride in their genuine interest, in their desire to identify with our rich heritage; cherish their innocence and their earnestness, and challenge yourself to truly make your faith your own.

Think back to the discussions you had as a child with your parents at the Seder table, and make an effort to internalize the lessons of the Haggadah, so that Passover is not merely a commemorative celebration, but one that changes us as human beings.

Let’s bask in the glow of the special holiday atmosphere and let the lighthouse of Passover guide us throughout the year!