In response to the recent wave of terror, the IDF has launched a new crash course in counter-terrorism, teaching our soldiers a variety of techniques to thwart infiltrations and fend off terrorists.

In the past weeks, the Central Command Training Center has become a hub of intense activity. An ever-vigilant IDF set out to create a dynamic training process in order to quickly implement lessons learned from past terror attacks. Each of these lessons would be vital in stopping future attacks.

Two of the biggest threats we now face are attackers attempting to steal weapons and stab IDF soldiers and civilians.

In the course, our soldiers are introduced to new and innovative techniques to help them take on this challenge. One major part of the learning process was the new Krav Maga workshops the soldiers participated in, providing them with advanced skills in the renowned self-defense system.

Another essential part takes place in the initial stages of the course, when soldiers are equipped with light weapons or electronic machine guns. Then, they enter a screening room where they take part in simulations testing their ability to stop stabbings as well as attempted abductions. Computers then measure how each soldier responds and record each delayed reaction and bad hit. The soldiers are able to see their mistakes and learn how not to repeat them.

The training sessions take soldiers to the extreme. In one session, soldiers have to decide how to respond when rioters block traffic and fire at them from busy areas. “Terrorists hide inside the mob and try to attack soldiers that approach,” explains First Lieutenant Or, who specializes in these types of scenarios.

After the crash course, the soldiers return to their posts and perform their usual role. They are more aware, alert, and attuned to the changes in the field. Most importantly, they are ready to defend Israel’s civilians from terror.