CNN managed to distort the reality of an attempted act of terrorism in Israel, where armed terrorists were defeated in their attempt to board a bus filled with innocent schoolchildren through a ticker headline during Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the House Benghazi committee on October 22.

“Palestinians shot boarding kids’ bus,” CNN proclaimed in a headline that flashed in a box across the bottom of the screen.
However, this was not the reality of the incident.

“In truth, the perpetrators shot were armed terrorists intending on harming innocent children,” wrote Ken Shepard on Newsbusters.
CNN’s attempt to cover up the event left many outraged.

“While millions tune in to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, CNN’s ticker continues to display the outrageous headline from earlier today where they reported on the Palestinian terrorists who tried to enter a children’s school bus to carry out a horrific terror attack this morning,” the group StandWithUs posted. “The Palestinians were shot before carrying out the potential massacre – somewhat of a miracle in and of itself.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attackers “tried to murder a bus full of school children.” News accounts stated that the bus driver and others had managed to stop the attackers from boarding the bus. The attackers then stabbed one man before one of them was killed and the other was wounded before Israeli police managed to subdue them.

The biased reporting on October 22 was not the only time that CNN has recently shown an anti-Israel bias.

In the week before the attempted bus attack, when gangs of Palestinians set fire to Joseph’s Tomb, a holy place Jews hold in high esteem, CNN’s headline for the story said, “Joseph’s Tomb site catches fire in spate of Palestinian-Israeli violence.”

“In CNN’s world, Joseph’s Tomb spontaneously combusts while Israelis fall victim to anonymous knives. It’s appalling that CNN and other media are unwilling or unable to assign responsibility to Palestinians for any acts of violence against Israelis or, in this case, a Jewish holy site,” said HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker.