Thursday, June 21, 2018

Our Mission

Jspace News is one of the fastest growing online Jewish newspapers, founded in 2011 to document news on Israel, the Middle East, and Jewish world at large. It was established by Israeli entrepreneur Itay Koren to provide a single source where the entire Jewish and Israeli community could come together in conversation.

Jspace News has no partisan political or religious sect affiliation. We seek to present the news fair-mindedly and offer a wide range of articles, from breaking news to celebrity gossip and Jewish analysis. By highlighting developments from Israel and the Diaspora, Jspace News serves as a central hub for a diverse and far-flung Jewish community, engaging with members of all ages and backgrounds.

As one of the platforms of, Jspace News is a site for constructive debate about the challenges facing Jewish identity in the modern world. Therefore we only allow comments by readers using their own name via Facebook. Please join the conversation in the comments section of any article, or contact us for more information about submitting articles.

Jspace Newsroom


Itay Koren

Itay Koren is the founder of and publisher of Jspace News. He is dedicated to increasing knowledge and identity in the Jewish community by providing a fair, unbiased news source about Israel and the larger Jewish world.

Managing Editor

Erica Terry

Erica Terry is Managing Editor at Jspace News. She has reported on domestic and international news, Israeli politics, features and more for Jewish publications in New York, Miami and London.

Shira Kipnees

Shira Kipnees is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College. Shira’s work can also be seen on Her Campus, USA TODAY College, New Voices Magazine, and The Mighty.

Tamar Auber

Tamar Auber is a Jewish Theological Seminary grad and editor for the current events website Her photography has also appeared in a number of places, both large and small, including the The Guardian, New York Daily News and the New York Post.

Bryce Gruber

Bryce Gruber-Hermon is a NYC based editor and TV contributor. You can find her on twitter at @BryceGruber or spewing her Jewish mom thoughts all over Facebook.

Ben Goodman

Benjamin Goodman is the Marketing Director at Crush Mobile, a developer of mobile dating apps such as JCrush. Prior to Crush Mobile, Benjamin was the Founder & Director of Ben Goodman Presents, a concert booking and promotion company he founded as a teenaged entrepreneur.

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