An estimated 6,000 homes were still without power in Jerusalem Sunday, following the worst snowstorm the region has seen in 50 years.

The Jerusalem households are part of a total 14,000 residences experiencing outages, as the Jewish state recovers from rare snowfall that has pounded the area since Thursday.

At least four individuals have been killed in the storm, and at its worst moment some 60,000 homes went without power.

Schools have been closed and the ban on public transportation on Shabbat was lifted to allow residents to evacuate. At the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, a reported six animals have perished due to the weather.

The IDF has also assisted in clearing roads in Palestinian areas, and Israel has transferred fuel to the Gaza Strip to allow power plants to remain open.

“We were as prepared as a country should be for an event like this,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, referring to calls for an investigation into the government’s response to the emergency.

Sunday, Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the emergency center in Jerusalem, thanking volunteers for their efforts.

“You are the warming pride of Jerusalem, I’m proud of you, of the people who opened their homes and their hearts to others and those that dropped everything and came here to help,” he said.

“I came to thank you as a citizen and as a resident of Jerusalem, you added generosity and warmth to these difficult few days.”

Repair related to the storm is already estimated to cost $34 million.