On September 8, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin told reporters that he will oppose the Iran nuclear deal, which would make a possible filibuster on the vote almost out of reach.

Manchin said that the Iranian regime was not showing any signs of changing its behavior and that the deal brokered with six world powers does “nothing to guarantee that behavior changes.”

Manchin had been one of five senators who had yet to declare how he or she would vote.

According to the Charleston Gazette, Manchin had previously said that he was leaning towards supporting the deal.

Manchin, who is the only Democrat In West Virginia congressional delegation, joins the rest of West Virginia lawmakers in opposing the Iranian nuclear deal that would ease sanctions in exchange for Iran curbing it’s nuclear program. Manchin joins senators Chuck Schumer of New York, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, and Ben Cardin of Maryland as Democratic senators who oppose the deal.

In addition Rep. Lois Frankel, a Jewish congresswoman from Florida, came out on September 8 against the deal.

Frankel, a Democrat whose district includes West Palm Beach, said in a statement that the deal “legitimize Iran’s nuclear program after 15 years and gives Iran access to billions of dollars without a commitment to cease its terrorist activity.”
“It’s too high a price to pay,” she said.

Congress has until September 17 to accept or reject the deal, which most, if not all, Republicans oppose.

The White House has already gotten the one third of the Senate required to stop any attempt to override the veto that President Barack Obama has promised to use against any legislation that would cancel the deal.