Scroll slides to learn the history of the quenelle

The quenelle, a neo-Nazi salute that entails one arm pointed down with the other across the chest, has been in the news in recent weeks, though it has actually been used for years. The gesture is the brainchild of Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, a French comedian who is a notorious anti-Semite and has been censured several times for incitement. Just this month, Dieudonne was banned from a performance after implying a Jewish journalist should have been sent to the gas chambers.

One of the most nefarious aspects of the quenelle, which was created to circumvent tough European laws against Nazi behavior, is how mainstream it has become. Many individuals seem to use the gesture now without proper understanding of its history and context. Here, we’ve compiled some of the history of the quenelle in an effort to spread the message of just how dangerous this salute can be.