A documentary following the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor is on the shortlist for an Oscar nomination.

The film, “The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life,” tells the story of Alice Herz-Sommer. At 109, not only is the English resident the oldest Shoah survivor, but also the world’s oldest active pianist.

Herz-Somer was 39 years old when she was sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp, also known as Terezin. The camp was unique in that its prisoners were mainly artisans and the cultural elite—musicians, actors, artists, even athletes, anyone the Nazis thought could bring positive attention to their crusade.

The Terezin prisoners were used to make propaganda videos of how well the Jews were being treated in Nazi Europe.

Today, Herz-Somer remembers how the ability to play music through the Holocaust gave her hope and optimism to survive. That outlook is charted in “Number 6,” which is now one of eight candidates being considered for the Academy Award in documentary.

Watch a clip from the film below, and go here to wish Herz-Somer a happy 110th birthday by November 26.