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Our favorite black and Jewish rapper was in NYC over the weekend to host the first “Saturday Night Live” episode of 2014 and we must admit he is just as smooth behind the camera as he is with his lyrics! (Not that we expected any less, it’s Drake, he can do anything).

In his opening monologue, he reminded all of us that he is Canadian, “where the rappers are polite and the mayors smoke crack.”


“Here is another fun fact, I’m Jewish,” Drake announced to the audience before going into a bar mitzvah reenactment skit and rapping over a “Hava Nagila” beat about being black and Jewish, chillin’ with his mensch Lenny Kravitz, drinking Manischewitz, reciting a Jewish prayer, saying he celebrates Hanukkah and dated Rihanna-kah!

Here are the lyrics:

I’m black and Jewish
Don’t be so foolish
I’m black and Jewish
It’s a mitzvah

Please don’t forget I’m black
Please don’t forget I’m Jewish
I play ball like LeBron and I know what a W-2 is

Chillin’ at Boca Raton with my mensch Lenny Kravitz
The only purple drank we sip is purple Manischewitz
At my show, you won’t simply put your hands in the air
We can also raise a chair
Or recite a Jewish prayer, like:
Baruch yetadel Yisrael ve’et haKim Kardashian, Kanye West, amen.

I eat Hova with nova
Knishes with my bitches
A bagel with cream cheesy
With my boy, his name is Weezy

Do not go to Feingold’s, though. The pickles are rubber.

I will not be harming ya
I read the Old Testament
Okra and matzoh ball
I’ll eat the rest of it

I celebrate Hanukkah
Dated Rihanna-kah
Birthright to Israel
Mama from Canada
Daddy from Africa
When you’re Jewish and black and you’re

Drake showcased his acting skills in various skits but his impersonation of mentor Lil Wayne was priceless.

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Drake as Kat Williams was on point as well:

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And can we please talk about how nice Drizzy’s legs are in these short shorts!!??


J-Connection: Drake is black and Jewish, duh.