Drake’s newest song, “You & the 6,” from his latest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Probably Too Late, is a four minute and twenty-five second song addressed to his Jewish mother, Sandi. The song reveals a lot about the relationship between the two, and while it’s undeniably sweet, it’s also undeniably Jewish.

Here are some lyrics that illustrate the relationship between the two.

“I used to get teased for being black, and now I’m here and I’m not black enough / Cause I’m not acting tough or making stories up ‘bout where I’m actually from”

Drake is a man in the eyes of Jewish law and he definitely won’t forget his bar mitzvah. However, his anxiety related to being stuck in the middle, as he puts it, goes deeper than just being neither black nor white enough—even Drake’s whiteness could be “compromised” by his Jewishness. Jews hiding their heritage goes all the way back to the story of Moses, who was adopted into the royal Egyptian family and would eventually claim his birthright and free the Jewish slaves.

“She said, ‘I heard you back with you-know-who’ / I told her, ‘Girl, I’m always back with you-know-who’”

If “you-know-who” means Rihanna, which it does, that means Sandi Graham is not a fan of the pop star. However, what Jewish mother is a fan of whomever her beloved son is dating? While Rihanna isn’t Jewish, the biggest question is whether or not she would raise the kids Jewish.

“You’re your father’s child / Man, thank God you got some me in you”

Drake is clearly a mama’s boy.

“And look, I hate it when you hate on all my girlfriends and assistants / Always convinced that there’s always someone better”

As his Jewish mother is probably saying, “There’s no one good enough for my Drake.”

“Like that girl from that gym who trains you / I know you wanna arrange it, you told me she’s free Thursday / And I’m sure that she’s an angel, but she don’t want this life / The timing ain’t right”

There’s nothing like a good-old-fashioned Jewish mother setup, a la Fiddler on the Roof. Sandi’s trainer is a good girl and wouldn’t do anything risqué.

“Know I don’t call enough, Mama / I just been working with so little time for personal, Mama”

Drake, be a good Jewish boy and call your mother sometime. She clearly is missing her baby boy.

J-Connection: Drake, who is considered Jewish in the eyes of Jewish law, is clearly a nice Jewish boy who loves and cares for his mother deeply.