The humble chickpea is a staple in the Israeli diet.

Now, a sociologist from the Galilee has discovered a way to turn the main ingredient of hummus into beer.

Bryan Meadan started his micro-brewing experiment at home, focusing on using ingredients to make beer gluten-free.

Then, he hit on the idea of using two ingredients readily found in Israel, chickpeas and dates.

“It’s a very Middle Eastern food,” Meadan told Yahoo about his choice of chickpeas for his gluten-free beer. “Local beer with local products.”

While he is just now getting his micro-brewery off the ground, Meadan has high hopes for his so-called hummus beer produced with local ingredients right in the Galilee.

He also plans on using a slogan that speaks to both his location and views of the place he calls home. “Gluten intolerance is the only intolerance we tolerate,” his bottles will read.

Although his hummus beer certainly will cater to a specific taste in beer drinkers, Meadan will have the support of a growing community of microbrewers to get his uniquely Israeli beer off the ground.

“It’s a really tight community,” Meadan said about the Israeli craft beer makers. “When you need something, you have someone to turn to.”

Brooklyn transplant David Cohen has also benefited from the support and innovative spirit of the Israeli craft beer community.

His brewery, Dancing Camel, also produces microbrews using local ingredients such as date honey and juniper berries.

“It’s fantastic,” Cohen said about being part of a group of innovators dedicated to making a uniquely Israeli product. “Personally I didn’t know when I opened the brewery how gratifying it would be to be sitting in a movement… and help shape exactly what direction it went in.”