A Dutch broadcaster has removed and apologized for a children’s video blaming Jews for the death of Jesus.

The song was sung by Pearl Jozefzoon at the end of a youth program on the Rooms-Katholiek Kerk, or Roman Catholic Church Association, channel. The religious station had the singer perform a number characterizing how Jews supposedly feel about the Christian messiah:

“Do not follow him. He is mad. Break him, break his heart. Kill him. Bury him with criticism, do not love him,” the lyrics said.

A clip of the performance was placed online, but it has since been taken down by the broadcaster after a complaint from the Dutch Israelite Religious Community umbrella group known as NIK.

“Vilifying the Jewish people’s past is to vilify present-day Jews, especially when the audience are youths,” Ruben Vis, the NIK’s secretary and vice president of the European Jewish Congress, told the Dutch Trouw daily paper.

“The church has done this for a very long time, and very well and effectively.”

Trouw also reported the station also apologized for the airing in a statement.