A news website collected almost $30,000 for a Dutch Holocaust survivor couple that had been robbed and beaten in their Amsterdam home and were called “dirty Jews.”

On February 23, Jan Roos, a journalist for the Geenstijl.nl website, presented octogenarians Samuel and Diana Blog with a check for 25,672 euros, or $27,898, to help compensate the couple for the losses they suffered during the 2015 attack–$15,000 and jewelry.

“We know you suffered a lot of pain, but you also lost a lot of money,” Roos said while presenting Diana Blog with flowers and then a cardboard check. The money was raised online through crowdfunding.

Diana Blog was in tears as she sat in her wheelchair and received Roos at the old-age home where she had moved with her husband following the attack. The perpetrators of the crime were never caught.

During the attack, Diana was beaten and threatened with the amputation of her finger. The attack later left Diana unable to walk freely and confined to a wheelchair. Her husband, Samuel, was rendered blind and is also confined to a wheelchair. Last year, Diana Blog said that the attack had caused her to lose her desire to live.

Earlier this month, Dutch media decided to revisit the robbery that left the Netherlands in shock because of the Blogs’ advanced age and the cruelty they described as suffering after the couple received a visit from anti-Islam policeman Geeet Wilders on February 15.

Wilders, who was relying on the description the couple gave him of the perpetrators having a Middle Eastern appearance, said that the Blogs’ were “victims of Moroccan violence.”