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Eagles of Death Metal, Band Attacked at Bataclan, Will Perform in Israel in September


Eagles of Death Metal, the California band that came to international attention after its concert in Paris was attacked by terrorists, will be coming to Israel for a concert in September. According to news reports, Eagles of Death Metal, which last played in Israel last July, will play at Tel Aviv’s Hangar 11 on September 5 as a part of its world tour.

Advance tickets for the concert are already on sale for 194 NIS, or $50, online. “THEY’RE BACK! (AND THEY’RE STILL NOT A METAL BAND),” the Eventim online ticket agent site notes.

The November 13 attack at the Bataclan was the deadliest of a multi-pronged attack that killed 129 people and injured over 300.
While no band members were killed in the attack, three crew members were killed.

A few months after the Bataclan attack, Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer, Jesse Hughes that the band had received a lot of support from fans and other musicians in the wake of the attack. “I think that’s what we really need to do is just have fun together so that we can put some of this s— behind us And really leave it there so it doesn’t follow us around for the rest of our lives,” explained Hughes.

Three months after the attack, Eagles of Death Metal reappeared on stage in Paris in order to complete their concert that had been disrupted by terrorists. Some of the audience members had been survivors of the Bataclan attack. Prior to starting the performance, Hughes said, “I’m not going to let the bad guys win.”

Eagles of Death metal last played in Israel last July, despite attempts from BDS activists to pressure the band into cancelling to protest Israel.