Scientists from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration today announced they have recorded the first direct evidence of gravitational waves that Albert Einstein predicted years ago.

The announcement is a historic confirmation of Einstein’s 100-year-old prediction, made possible only now by 21st Century technology.

To set the stage for this occasion, The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem made a rare display of original documents related to Einstein’s prediction of the existence of gravitational waves.

As a founder of the Hebrew University and one of its most loyal supporters, Einstein bequeathed his writings, intellectual heritage and the use of his image to the Hebrew University.

einstein gravity

Among the documents on display at the Albert Einstein Archives was a page, in Einstein’s own handwriting, from the General Theory of Relativity.

The artifacts were displayed today in the framework of a collaboration of historians at The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein at Caltech; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. The display was accompanied by an explanation from Prof. Barak Kol, chairman of the Hebrew University’s Racah Institute of Physics, and Dr. Roni Grosz, curator of the Hebrew University’s Albert Einstein Archives.