Elite combat soldiers now have their own green oasis on base. KKL-JNF teamed up with JNF’s Friends from Germany to offer a shady respite spot at Adam Training Base for the hardworking troops.


The area was dedicated in honor of Benny Bloch, the longtime head of JNF-Germany on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

“It’s exciting to see such a beautiful project at a military base,” Bloch said at the dedication ceremony held at the base. “For those of us who live outside Israel, our task is to provide the best conditions possible for the soldiers who protect the State.”

Bloch and the JNF-Germany have sponsored a number of green projects in Israel over the years, including hiking trails, water reservoirs, and tree plantings. This project, which directly benefited some of the nation’s top counter-terrorism soldiers, though, is especially personal for the JNF-Germany head who chose to return from Germany, where he moved as a young child, to serve in the IDF.

KKL-JNF World Chairman Efi Stenzler attended the ceremony to honor his longtime friend, Bloch, and celebrate the successful new collaboration between the KKL and JNF.

“There can be no better site for a project like this than a base that trains soldiers to combat terrorism,” he said, adding, “Thanks to Benny Bloch and KKL-JNF’s Friends in Germany.”

Also on hand for the ceremony, was the deputy base commander, who thanked KKL-JNF and JNF’S Friends in Germany for their efforts, which he said, will make the soldiers feel more at home.

“There’s no substitute for these pleasant green surroundings that welcome the soldiers when they arrive at the base,” the IDF officer said. “The army invests its resources in weapons and training, and, sadly, we aren’t usually able to spend money on providing an attractive environment.”

He continued, “We should like to express our heartfelt thanks for this generous donation – thanks to you, the soldiers will feel at home here.”