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Elton John Wows the Crowd in Tel Aviv


Sir Elton John wowed the Tel Aviv crowd during his concert promoting his newest studio album,”Wonderful Crazy Night,” on May 26 in Yarkon Park.

The crowd consisted of people who had grown up on Elton John’s music and those who experienced his music through their parents.
Elton John did not really rifle with the audience or have much to say, but he did acknowledge his 47 years in the music business and gave a thank you to his “loyal and so loving” fans. “I love you and I’m grateful for everything you do,” he said, to warm applause.

While some stars often break out into Hebrew, Elton John did not, but instead saìd, “This is the first night of our tour and we couldn’t have asked for a better audience or a nicer place to play.” This made the Israeli audience happy, as it is Elton John’s fourth time playing in Israel.

The crowd sang along with Elton John to some of greatest hits and left the concert harmonizing with each other on the way out or on the way to the restrooms.