Jspace contributor and Luxury Spot editor Bryce Gruber sits down with 90201 alumnus Ian Ziering for some Hanukkah fun, Sharknado style.

“You know my dad was a Hebrew school teacher,” Ziering tells me right before starting our interview in the back of a Midtown NYC gym after a particularly fun workout. That’s right— the former Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob and Sharknado hero was working out and talking Hanukkah with me, something I never expected would happen in my lifetime.

I played one of my favorite games— celebrity Would You Rather—with the magically ageless husband and dad of two, and unraveled a few significant entertainment mysteries. It seems Donna from 90210 would unfortunately be the first to go in a Sharknado, but learned that if there was ever a people-or-chocolate survival question, people would win. We can thank Ian’s Jewish life-above-all-else values for that.

We continued on to a question of ridding the world of two possible evils— carbs or the people who walk really slowly on the sidewalks of NYC.

“You gotta have rachmunis for these people,” he told me. I agreed, and regretted not high-fiving him for weaving in some flawless Yiddish.

You can catch the rest of the interview here:

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