Guy Franklin had a big idea, an idea that is catapulting Israeli businesses into the cultural collective. With so many startups out of the Jewish state landing in the US, Franklin decided it was time to make a searchable database to bring together these new businesses with the consumers and potential employees looking to support Israeli commerce.

The result is Israeli Mapped In NY, a platform that helps Manhattan users locate Israeli startups near them. In addition, Franklin recently released an innovative new video pulling together 108 of these startup name-makers for even more exposure. We caught up with Franklin to learn more about the project and discuss why he’s so proud to represent the Jewish state.

What was the inspiration for this project?

I moved from Tel Aviv to NY 3 years ago to work for Ernst and Young in NY as an accountant. I started to identify a trend of Israeli startups expanding from Israel to NY.

I realized that there is no source or one place on the web where you can find these startups. I decided to create this community of Israeli startups in NY in order to promote Israeli tech, to show Israeli innovation and creativity. Israeli tech has routes not only in Israel but also in NY and we can actually leverage the power of a community that was not unified before and change the conversation about Israel.

So I created Israeli Mapped in NY, which is an interactive map of all the Israeli startups that are operating in NY.

What has the response been like?

When I launched the map, there were only 60 Israeli startups on the map. Then, the response was amazing. Almost any startup that expanded from Israel to NY added itself to the map through the advanced platform we used of a new Israeli startup called Mapme.

Today, 3 years after I launched the map, it covers over 280 startups, accelerators, coworking spaces and others, and the number is growing every week.

The activities around the map include connecting Israeli startups with investors, helping the startups in their first steps in the US, and much more.

How does it feel to represent Israel this way?

It is a great way to show the advanced technology, innovation and creativity that the Israeli startups have and to show the success to the world in a visualized way.

Why do you think the startup movement is so tremendous out of Israel?

The Israeli startups are expanding from Israel to the US for two main reasons: their market is here and the relevant investors are here.

What makes Israeli startups different from others?

I would say the teaming, the creativity and always thinking out of the box together with a wide and supporting Israeli startup community around the world.