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Singer-songwriter and rocker Ryan Star has been a mainstay on the international and NYC music scene for years. He formed his first band, Stage, while still in high school and they got signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records. After the band’s breakup, Ryan went on to have a solo career with appearances on CBS’ “Rock Star: Supernova” in 2006, music releases with Atlantic Records and Island Records, and tours with headliners including Bon Jovi, Maroon 5 and Goo Goo Dolls. Ryan has also been asked to write songs for other artists such as David Cook and Tristan Prettyman.

In 2015, Ryan had a residency at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall. He also performed at an exclusive fashion week event produced by Jon Bon Jovi and Kenneth Cole in February and reunited with Stage for a sold out show at Mercury Lounge in March.

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We recently talked with Ryan Star, a Member of the Tribe, to talk about his eventful year.

How did you get selected to appear on Rock Star: Supernova?

It was at a time I was playing every week in NYC but felt like I needed more exposure – going on an international music show made sense at the time. I auditioned with a bloody eye cause I hit myself with my guitar before I showed up. I think I was memorable from the moment I walked in.

How was your experience on the show?

I was told by someone before me that it was a great experience they would never want to experience again. Well said. I love performing music for people and this allowed me to play for so many. For that I am grateful.

What are your thoughts on singing competitions like The Voice and American Idol?

I personally am not a fan of any kind of judging show. My wife is an incredible 1st grade teacher in NYC and it reminds me that we are taught not to judge anyone, yet our most popular shows are just that.

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Who are some of your favorite acts that you’ve toured/performed with?

Bon Jovi was a blast. To see how big it can be was so inspiring. Maroon 5 was fun and I was impressed with Imagine Dragons as well. One of the nicest out there is my friend Rachel Platten. Since sharing a bus together with her and Andy Grammar, she has exploded and I couldn’t be happier for her. I was one of the first to hear Fight Song. A perk that comes from the relationships you build on the road.

Tell us about songs you’ve written for other artists.

I have written some tunes that had other outlets. My favorite was having the theme song for LIE TO ME with my song Brand New Day. The last tune I had out was Tristan Prettyman’ s last single “My Oh My.” It was an honor because I love her tunes. I love writing with rock bands because that is my core and roots. I have spent some time in Sweden this year working with a band out there called Takida. It’s so rewarding when music takes me around the world.

Do you prefer playing plugged-in or acoustic shows?

It is always changing like my music, but as I write this I wanna say plugged in.

How is it working with major labels vs. being an independent recording artist?

Major labels know how to move really big things in really big ways. I am at a place now where I continue to evolve and explore my music and I love doing what I want the way I want. That is easier with the indie model so I am enjoying that currently.

How did you link up with Jon Bon Jovi and Kenneth Cole?

Jon has been a great friend to me and invited me out to play a show he curated for Kenneth Cole during NYC Fashion Week. Both are great guys, which is so nice to be able to say.

Tell us about your reunion show with your first band Stage.

It was epic and one of the greatest moments of my life. I encourage anyone reading this to stare at a photograph of themselves when you were a kid, or do something exactly the way you did back then and feel what that is. You will know what I mean. I woke up that night and remembered what passion is. We all get so smart and jaded for good or for worse. Bring it back to when you were most clear. It is clarity.

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