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Shauna Goodgold is a NYC-based actress, writer, vocalist, and voice over artist. She’s performed in and written for a wide variety of theatre, film, and studio productions.

Shauna’s upcoming project, which she created and co-wrote, is a video series titled Beth and Charly. Goodgold also plays the title character Charly, a former Disney child star. The cast also includes co-writer Elizabeth Seldin as Charley’s best friend/assistant Beth, and guest starts Jeremy Jordan who is known or his roles on CBS’ “Supergirl” and NBC’s “Smash”. Beth and Charly is directed by Paolo Monico and produced by Meryl Ballew and Maria Cascio.

I recently spoke with Shauna about her career and what to expect from Beth and Charly.

What inspired you to become an actress and a writer?

It ran in the family. My mother was a child actor and spent her teen years writing songs with Barry Manilow, so I guess it rubbed off. Writing was interesting because you could create a whole world while making a statement about life, relationships, family etc. I don’t know if I was so much inspired to become an actress/writer as much as I simply felt that it was a given. There really was no other option. Like, I was born with brown eyes and there is absolutely nothing I can do about that except have brown eyes for the rest of my life. Kinda like that.

What actors, actresses, and writers influence you the most?

I’m a big fan of the do-it-allers. The Ed Burns, Woody Allens, Lena Dunhams, and Tina Feys of the world are the most inspiring, I believe, because they write it, act in it, direct it, and produce it. That’s impressive.

What are some of your favorite productions that you have been part of?

I actually loved when I worked at this Podunk theater in the middle of nowheresville, mounting a musical theater production. The theater brought in a few actors from New York and the rest of the cast were locals who were basically civilians who liked to sing and dance. Needless to say, it was a comedy of errors because you had professionally trained actors next to people who could barely hold a tune. Opening night was a disaster because none of the locals could remember their lines or blocking and the director had to step in for a cast member who was out sick. It was some really great fodder that I hope to use in future projects.

Who would you most like to work with in the TV, theatre, and film industries?

Is it cliché to say Woody Allen? I’m gonna say Woody Allen even though I hate that that’s my answer. But, he is the quintessential New York filmmaker who has mastered quirky comedy and the idiosyncrasies of the human condition. I’m just gonna go ahead and roll my eyes at myself.

How did you come up with the idea for your upcoming video series Beth and


Well I was about to turn thirty and I was like “Well, you’re gonna be dead soon so you might as well actually go for your goals.” I had started a lot of projects, but hadn’t finished any of them. Elizabeth (who plays Beth) simply encouraged me to write a scene that we could easily and cheaply film that would also give us something for our reel. She gave me a deadline and I wrote characters that I knew we could easily play. Thus Beth and Charly was born. Both of us really enjoyed the idea and wanted to take it further, so we continued writing and shot the whole thing.

Tell us a bit about the plot of Beth and Charly.

Beth and Charly follows Charly Chase, a former child star trying to make a comeback, and her unfulfilled friend-ssistant Beth Simon. It basically takes a look at their dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship amidst the backdrop of the fame culture, making a statement on the entertainment industry and people’s desire to achieve notoriety.

What were your favorite parts about filming the series?

I love watching people in their element. Seeing the director talk about his vision for the scene, or watching the DP set up a shot. Seeing people’s commitment to making the piece as quality as it can be is the best part for me.

When will the 1st season of Beth and Charly air?

Beth and Charly will be up and running late spring of 2016!

Do you have other projects in the pipeline for 2016?

I never say if I’m working on a project because I have this weird thing that if I tell people that I’m writing something I never actually end up doing it. So, no. I have no other projects in the pipeline for 2016 (wink, wink).

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