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Ari Herstand is an LA-based (via the Midwest) singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and music business blogger. Herstand has toured and played over 600 shows as a DIY musician, had roles in popular TV shows such as Mad Men and 2 Broke Girls, and blogs about the music business on his own site, Ari’s Take, as well as Digital Music News.

In his music career, Ari has opened for acts including Ben Folds, Cake, and Matt Nathanson and he even performed with Thirty Seconds to Mars on the Ellen Show. Herstand’s latest full-length album Brave Enough was released last year.

Due to Ari’s strong grasp of the music business, which has helped many musicians, Ari’s Take was nominated by LA Weekly as the best music blog in Los Angeles.

In addition to his TV show roles, Ari has appeared in Budweiser and Fiat commercials.

For his next move, Ari Herstand (who has a T-shirt and sticker featuring his “Jewfro” available for purchase on his website) has just partnered up with JCrush, a Jewish dating app available for free on iPhone and Android, to help spread the word about each other. Users of the app can share four of Ari’s songs (via Spotify) with their matches (also known as Crushes).

We recently spoke with Ari about his many endeavors.

What made you decide to relocate from the Midwest to LA?

The winters.

How did you come up with the idea for

I had been managing my music career on my own from the beginning and I was receiving so many questions from other musicians on things like how to book a tour, how to get songs placed on TV shows, how to sell more merch and sell out shows. Things I knew how to do. Eventually I didn’t have time to respond to everyone so I started Ari’s Take to point people there because many of the questions I was receiving were the same.

How did you begin writing for

The owner, Paul Resnikoff, emailed me because people had been sending him Ari’s Take articles.

What have been some of your favorite music and acting moments?

Music: Opening for Ben Folds, playing the Hotel Cafe (every few months), selling out the Varsity Theater for my headlining show in Minneapolis, hearing my songs on TV shows.

Acting: Mad Men and 2 Broke Girls were a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite musical instrument to play?

I turn to the instruments I play for different purposes. I write very different songs on guitar and piano. And trumpet gives me a way to express myself that I can’t do on any other instrument I play.

Who are some of your favorite musicians to play or work with?

Most recently, Nina Storey, Julia Price, Jesse MacLeod and Will Hutchinson.

Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses to work with?

Jon Hamm and Jonathan Kite.

Who are your musician and music business idols?

I’m not sure if I have “idols” per se anymore. But I definitely admire artists who take their career in their own hands. Recently I’ve been into Allen Stone, Alabama Shakes, Youngblood Brass Band and Grace Weber.

How do you balance your music and acting careers and blogging?


What is the best piece of music business advice you have received?

Don’t wait for the breaks. Make your own success.

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