In a combined effort between the Israeli Navy, ISA, and the Israeli Police, forces arrested Salim Jamal Hassan Na’aman in April 2016. He was apprehended after his vessel deviated from the designated fishing zone.

Na’aman explained to his investigators that he was involved in smuggling weapons, ammunition, and materials used to manufacture rockets intended for Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, he conveyed information on Hamas plans to use fishermen to disguise terror activity and how fisherman support smuggling efforts between Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Hamas smuggling efforts from the sea and below it, presents an additional threat to the tunnels being built underground. Hamas continues to strengthen their naval efforts and has been conducting shooting and diving exercises.

Israeli ground forces and the Israeli Navy are coordinating closely to combat the challenge of sea-based terror attacks. Additionally, the military is advancing technology that will aid efforts to monitor Hamas attacks before they can be carried out.

Military officials say that security measures and patrols carried out are intended to maintain the security and fabric of life for Israel’s civilians. The patrols usually observe fishermen doing their ordinary work, but the navy continues to be prepared for the possibility of Hamas smuggling and infiltration.