France is in talks with the US over reparations to Holocaust survivors who were sent to Nazi camps via French rails.

Stuart Eizenstat has been negotiating on behalf of the State Department, and confirmed Friday that talks have been taking place for a year. The negotiations were originally initiated by the French side, and talks took place in Paris as recently as two weeks ago.


“More than seven decades after the end of WWII, they initiated an effort to… do justice to Americans who were involved in the deportation to concentration camps by SNCF,” Eizenstat said.

Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais, SNCF, is the rail company under speculation, as it transported some 76,000 prisoners, many Jewish, to Nazi concentration camps in World War II. The company was paid per person per kilometer it transported.

Now, SNCF has paid over $6 billion in restitution to European survivors, though nothing has been paid to Shoah survivors residing in the US, leading to this most recent round of talks.

“SNCF is one of the few companies that has refused to pay reparations for its role in the Holocaust, and there is little time left to ensure that SNCF’s victims realize some measure of justice and closure in their lifetimes,” the Coalition for Holocaust Justice said in a statement. The Coalition has long advocated for Shoah restitution.