In the northern town of Yavne’el one man has decided to ensure no one ever goes hungry, by providing the needy with free loaves of bread.

Half a year ago, Rabi Assaf Nahshon, a Yavne’el resident has started his own charitable initiative, whereby he would purchase as many loaves of bread as he could in a grocery store, however instead of taking them home, he would leave then in the store to be taken free by those who can’t afford to buy bread.

After having done so for a week, Nahshon has posted about it on his Facebook page urging others to do as he did and join the initiative, each according to his ability.

Within the last six month, all four grocery stores are now offering free bread for the needy. “Hopefully my example will spread town by town and city by city to all Israel and even the world.” Said Nahshon to Tazpit News agency.

Additionally 10 more grocery stores in different cities in central Israel are now offering free bread for the needy as well, inspired by Nahshon’s initiative.

“To end starvation in Africa one needs to start in his own village, my hope is to set an example for other until the initiative spreads all over the world, and until governments take the example of their citizens in taking care of the common man”

“At the very least one could say that there is one place on earth where no man would ever starve for bread. Rich or poor, great or small, religious or secular, Jew or gentile” says Nahshon. “Our motto is simple: If you need, take it. If you can, give it.”

Tazpit News Agency