Gal Gadot is in it to win it.

The Israeli actress and model became a subject of very high interest when she signed on to play the iconic superhero Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman film,” the sequel to the hugely successful “Man of Steel.”

Now, the actress has secured her place as the Amazonian warrior queen by signing a three picture deal Warner Bros.

The actress let this news slip when she was a guest on Israeli talk show “Good Evening with Gai Pines.” Surprisingly, she also shared her exact salary for “Batman vs. Superman:” $330,000.

This is very good news, if only for the fact that we now know we’re getting three films that will in some way star Wonder Woman. This is a beloved character that’s had a very hard time finding new life. Could this be the project that finally gets it right?

J-Connection: Gal Gadot is a Jewish-Israeli actress/model.