Fallen fashion designer John Galliano has been holding meetings with a rabbi and a Holocaust survivor following his conviction over an anti-Semitic rant, according to a report.

The Brit was let go by bosses at the fashion house of Christian Dior for hurling insults at a couple in a bar in Paris, France in 2011.

Now Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper reports he has been meeting with members of the Jewish community as part of his “rehabilitation” over the scandal.

He has reportedly held talks with noted London Rabbi Barry Marcus and a Holocaust survivor, Harry Olmer.

While giving a speech in London last week, Galliano said, “I am an alcoholic and that is no means an excuse. But I’m now recovering and part of that is coming to terms with what I did.”

“I don’t see why not to be forgiving to someone… who’s trying to change. However, I don’t think those comments are ever OK. I don’t forgive the comments, but… we’ve all done things that we regret,” said Natalie Portman on Galliano’s infamous anti-Semitic tirade. Portman, who is Jewish and was born in Israel, models for Dior and knew Galliano well prior to his conviction.