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Germans Draw Parallel with Israel After 4 Terror Attacks in One Week


After a Syrian refugee committed a suicide bombing in the southern German city of Ansbach on Sunday, the fourth terror attack in Germany in the course of one week, some German citizens are comparing their new reality with life in Israel.

Fifteen people were injured in Sunday’s attack near a music festival. The bomber, who was killed, had reportedly pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State terror group. Another Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman and injured a man with a machete near the city of Reutlingen on Sunday. Also last week, an Afghan refugee attacked people with an ax and a knife near the German town of Würzburg. Last Friday, a German man of Iranian descent shot nine people at a Munich shopping mall in attack that, unlike the others, does not appear to have been motivated by radical Islamic ideology, according to German authorities.

On Monday, German citizen Yana Vagler, who lives near the city of Stuttgart, told Israel’s Channel 2 that these events remind her of the situation in Israel. “This morning there were a lot of police cars, and so I felt that ‘yes, this is how it was in Jerusalem when I was there last year.’…It is new for me to feel this way,” she said, as translated from Hebrew.

Charlotte Knobloch, the head of the Jewish community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, said in a statement that Germany will strive “to combat those who hate us for our values and want to destroy our freedom and democracy.”

“More important than anything else is our unwavering commitment to our liberal beliefs,” she said, according to the European Jewish Congress.