Gilad Shalit is reportedly engaged to be married–mazel!

Shalit, 28 years old and a past IDF soldier who was famously kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas for five years, has become a center of media attention since his release. He became a professional sports writer, even traveling to America to cover the NBA Finals. And now, according to French-Israeli news agency Alya Express, it seems a walk to the chuppah is in Shalit’s future!

The young lady is named Adi Sigler, and she is reportedly 23 years old, from Tel Aviv, and a past student at IDC Herzliya. The couple is notoriously private, but Sigler has shared a few photos via social media showing herself donning a diamond on her left ring finger.

On June 25, 2006, a 19-year-old IDF soldier was captured by Hamas.  Two IDF soldiers were killed, three were wounded and Shalit was captured. A rescue mission following the abduction was costly to both Israeli and Palestinian lives but failed to return Shalit.

Shortly after Shalit’s capture, Hamas tried to broker a deal for the release of all female Palestinian prisoners, as well as those in custody under the age of 18, in Israeli custody. Israel refused Hamas’ demands.

Mazel and best of luck to the happy pair!