“Girls” has, for the three seasons it’s been on, been a zeitgeisty, hot-button TV show that people love to talk about.

It was too risqué or too tame, too realistic or too much of a fantasy, too silly or too depressing. But now all anyone seems to be talking about is how boring it’s gotten.

The first few seasons of “Girls” featured an abortion, Hannah’s obsessive compulsive disorder and the Q-tip-in-ear injury that resulted from it, loss of virginity, many questionable sexual practices and cocaine. It wasn’t always great, but it was usually entertaining and worth talking about, even if it was to say how angry/depressed it made you.


But Lena Dunham also seems to write expressly about her own life, even if it’s veiled or vague. And Lena is a celebrity in a stable relationship, and that doesn’t seen to be making for very exciting material now that her real life is so far from her character’s.

Sure, Hannah is happily tied to her weirdo boyfriend Adam (who is also weirdly more attractive that Dunham’s real life boyfriend, fun.’s Jack Antonoff), but other than that, Dunham doesn’t have much life experience to pull from these days that translates to “Girls,” or so it seems. Consider some of the storylines so far: a road trip to rehab; run-ins with exes, awkward birthday parties.

This is no longer the stuff of award-winning television. It’s just a big yawn.

Really, the best part of this season so far has been Hannah and Shoshannah (Zosia Mamet) arguing over the pronunciation of Ryan Phillipe’s name…which there is still no clear answer on. Anyone?

J-Connection: Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet are both Jewish.