HBO Premiere of Gilrs in New York

Remember the days when you would watch a TV show and you either loved it or you didn’t, and that was that?

There was no watching things ironically, no hate-watching, probably because you either watched something when it aired or you didn’t. There was no DVR, Hulu or illegal torrenting. But now we have options, and that means we can watch something but still let it make us SO ANGRY and feel SO MANY THINGS.

This is “Girls” in a nutshell. It’s a great show: it’s well written, well acted, well directed. It’s incisive and it has very true things to say about our wacky 2013 world. But it also gets people so enraged you would think they were talking about apartheid.

A lot of this anger comes back to the girl who is synonymous with “Girls,” Lena Dunham. We love her because she’s like us but hate her because she really isn’t, thanks to her famous artist mother and the fact that she has a TV show that is basically about her life.

And it’s time again to feel all the feels about “Girls” with the show’s imminent return in January. A trailer for the third season has just been released, and here are a few things we saw/heard:

Adam (Adam Driver) tries to take Hannah (Dunham) hiking but she is not having it: “It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate.”

Shoshannah’s (Zosia Mamet) life seems to be a mess following her breakup with Ray (Alex Karpovsky), a mess that includes lots of SEX.

Adam to Hannah: “I don’t hate your friends, I’m just not interested in anything they have to say.”

Hannah’s response: “I’m not interested in anything they have to say. That’s not the point of friendship.”

Elijah (Andrew Rannells) is back! Let the snark/cocaine use commence!

The ever eloquent Hannah now appears to be working in an office, maybe something having to do with her book from last season?

Hannah: “I feel like I’m a person who just can’t, like, keep my mouth shut.”

Hannah tells someone, possibly a therapist: “I hold the key to the prison that is my mind.”

“Girls” returns January 12th on HBO.

J-Connection: Lena Dunham and Hannah, as well as several of the other “Girls” actors and characters, are Jewish.